Our History

Circle P Processing

A pen, notebook, and a phone call to a dear friend. That is how Circle P Processing was started. Meat prices at other butcher shops were through the roof, in some cases that is still true, and when steaks for a family get-together were out of the question due to price that’s when Alex decided, he was going to dive in and see what all it would take to open his own butcher shop and help serve great quality meat at an affordable price.

Circle P Processing, a USDA inspected facility, is dedicated to serving our customers with personable service, accurate order details, simple & upfront pricing, and perhaps most importantly…WE GUARANTEE you only get YOUR MEAT and ALL OF YOUR MEAT. This has been a plague in this industry and here we take precise precautions to ensure that does not happen.

I personally guarantee that you will only get your animal back. We do not mix meat or add fat from anyone’s animals to another person(s)’. You get back only what you brought in.” – Alex Parker, Owner

We Buy Local &

Support Local

What does this mean? This means all our retail products that we have in our display case for RETAIL come from LOCALLY SOURCED BEEF AND HOG operations. On occasion we also have BUFFALO since we have a working facility that is built specifically for holding up against them so we tend to process quite a number and as a result every so often we will purchase a 1/2 and offer it at our Retail Case.

As mentioned above we will record the LIVE WEIGHT of your livestock, only exception is Buffalo. What this allows is for us the ability to provide our clients with their HANGING WEIGHT %. This is calculated by taking the HANGING WEIGHT and DIVIDING it by the LIVE WEIGHT.

Steps On What We Do

Step #1

When your animal is unloaded it is immediately weighed and will receive its LIVE WEIGHT via a commercial grade & calibrated scale.

Step #2

A “Circle P HIPTAG” is placed on the livestock. This number identifies that animal to its rightful owner and that number will remain with that animal into the Cooler, Processing Room, and Freezer until your order is paid for and picked up.

Step #3

When your order is being processed, our TEAM will record how many chill trays your order has. Each of these trays are tagged with the following information: NAME, HIPTAG, TRAY #

Step #4

Once in the Freezer, your trays are placed together so that nothing gets misplaced.