tractor in a soybean field. Cultivation of soybean rows in the field.

Farm to Fork

We Buy, Sell, and Support Locally!

Farm-to-fork means that the food on the table is sourced directly from a farm without having to go through a distributor or a store.

Farm to Table boosts the local economy and supports our local farmers

At the heart of farm-to-fork is an intricate relationship between farmers and their communities. Since we source our retail and meat for customers directly from local farmers, the proceeds go directly to them, which in turn fuels the local economy. We inspect our retail food for quality which guarantees you get the freshest and healthiest food for you and your family.

Local Farm & Producer List

For Cattle

Parker Ranch

Brett & Amanda Parker
Address: Waterville Kansas, 66548
Phone: 785-562-6096

McIntyre Farms

Address: Waterville Kansas, 66548
Phone: 785-562-6614

Rinkes Cattle Company

Address: Holton Kansas, 66436
Phone: 785-845-5272
Registered Angus Cattle

Hennerberg Piedmontese

Address: Diller Nebraska, 68342
Phone: 402-239-3721

Bott Cattle Company

Address: Palmer Kansas, 66962
Phone: 785-692-4530

For Hogs

Ben McGuire

Address: Liberty Nebraska, 68381
Phone: 402-520-3165
Dirt Raised, Grain Fed